Basic information about Linux hosting

From the previous article we have learned in detail about what is hosting. From today’s article we will learn more about Linux hosting. So let’s know what Linux hosting is and the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting.

What is Linux hosting?

Those hosting provider companies that use Linux operating system on their servers, hosting from those hosting companies are called Linux hosting.

Linux is an open source operating system. This is why you don’t have to pay the hosting company to use this operating system.

In conjunction with hosting companies and Linux operating systems, the term Linux hosting is used.

Why is Linux hosting popular?

We know that most of the websites and blogs these days are installed within the wordpress platform. Everything needed to run a wordpress website can be accessed quickly and easily within the Linux hosting cpanel. That’s why Linux hosting is so popular.

Differences between Linux and Windows web hosting

Linux is an open source operating system. For this, the hosting company does not have to pay any money to use it. But on the other hand, the company has to pay money for the Windows license to use the Windows operating system.

This is why Linux is cheaper than Windows hosting.

Linux operating system has more features than Windows. And it’s more secure than Windows.

Most of the websites and blogs are set up in Linux hosting due to low cost, more features and security.


Hope you have learned more about Linux hosting from today’s information. Now, if you want to create a website or blog, you can use this hosting at low cost. Thank you, stay well.

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