What is health insurance & it’s advantage

It is said that “health is wealth” but after working so hard in today’s busy life, can we take proper care of our health. There are many individuals who cannot take care of their health due to lack of time.

But those people have to face such major diseases in the future that they don’t have special money in their hands to treat those diseases.

That’s why in today’s article you will find a service through which the company will bear your medical expenses and all expenses and if any accident happens. The name of this service is health insurance.

If you haven’t got health insurance yet, then from today’s article you can learn more about health insurance. From where you will understand what is health insurance and the benefits of health insurance. And after reading this article it is up to you whether you will get health insurance. So first know the details about health insurance without delay.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance service that covers an individual’s medical and accidental expenses.

Health insurance has become very important for a person these days! Because health insurance provides financial protection when a person gets sick or injured! which helps in the treatment of the person himself and any affected person in the family.

If a person is injured or ill due to an accident, the cost of hospitalization, nursing care, medical bills etc. becomes very high.

And this cost is borne by the health insurance company. However, all these benefits can be availed only if the individual has already taken the health insurance plan.

You can provide health insurance protection to everyone by taking out health insurance for yourself or the entire family.

What is health insurance?

An insurance policy taken to cover medical and accidental expenses of a person is called health insurance.

It is the insurance service that covers a person’s medical and accidental expenses.

Why is health insurance necessary?

Many people consider mediclaim or health insurance to be a waste of money! But tell those people that the cost of health is constantly increasing and now if you get a minor disease it costs lakhs of rupees to treat you in a good hospital. In such situations it is necessary to take health insurance on time.

This is why buying a health insurance policy for you and your family has become important today. Because most of the private hospitals cost a lot of treatment and you never know when money might be a problem.

So choosing a good insurance policy on time is beneficial in terms of health related expenses.
So if you are also planning to take health insurance, now it becomes important for you to know what are the types of health insurance.

What are the types of health insurance and what is it?

Personal health insurance

This is a personal health policy! Health expenses and hospitalization expenses covered under this policy! In this policy the premium is determined according to the age of the insured. Personal health insurance can be taken out for yourself or any family member.

Family Health Insurance Plan

This plan is so beneficial that it acts as a protective shield for the entire family! Anyone can take this plan for their entire family! This plan compensates the expenses incurred by any member of the family for the treatment of any kind of disease.

Family health insurance plans provide a fixed amount of insurance based on the total number of family members.

Senior Citizen Health Plan

This type of insurance plan is specially designed for senior citizens i.e. those aged 60 years and above. This plan is suitable for those who want to have security benefits in their old age.

Surgery and critical illness insurance

This type of insurance plan is beneficial for people suffering from serious diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney etc. Because such treatments cost a lot and the premiums of these plans are also high.

Maternity Health Insurance Plan

This type of insurance plan is made for childcare! The plan covers the care of the mother, pre and post delivery expenses and the cost of taking care of the new born baby for a specified period.

Advantage of Health insurance

Room rent

In case of illness or injury, the room rent has to be paid along with the hospital treatment cost. But if you don’t have a health insurance policy, you cannot avoid this cost.

No Claim Bonus

People who already have health insurance, but if they don’t face any health related problem and if they don’t have any claim, in this case the insurance company distributes reward in the form of no claim bonus.

Transportation costs

If the person taking the health insurance is admitted to the hospital, all the expenses of the ambulance and other transportation in this situation are borne by the health insurance company. Therefore, the cost of traveling from home to hospital is reduced.

Free health checkup

In today’s busy life we often worry about our health! And we have to do minor checkups. So today there are many health insurance policies under which all health tests are done by you for free.

However, most insurance companies offer such checkups for free only under the No Claim Bonus.

Tax benefits

Yes, having health insurance also provides tax benefits! The premium you pay for health insurance helps you get tax deduction under Income Tax Act 80D.

How to get health insurance online?

You no longer need to go to the office of the insurance company to buy health insurance. You can buy health insurance for yourself or your family from anywhere online and renew it with the help of internet.

Names of some of the best insurance policies in India

  • Max Bupa Health Insurance
  • HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
  • Bharti Exa Health Insurance
  • SBI Health Insurance
  • L&T Health Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance
  • National Health Insurance

However, whenever you buy an insurance plan from any insurance company, you must know all the information about these plans, their hidden terms and conditions so that you can take the right benefits of the insurance policy later.


Hope you have understood the details about health insurance from today’s article. If you don’t have health insurance yet, you can get health insurance for yourself and your family by considering physical fitness. That will help a lot in the future. Thank you, stay well.

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